Coaching & Consulting

 NAOLB has relationships with Business and Life Coaches, Consultants and Trainers in all aspects of the personal development for business entrepreneurs and managers, in addition to individual / personal life enrichment.

Whether your business needs; management training, sales training, accountability support, goals setting, business strategies, mindset development or individual life coaching or counseling, we have a Partner that can fill that need (and more).

Coaching rates vary and depend on many factors including, the level and amount of interaction you desire, the providers expertise, experience and if you are engaging in individual or group sessions.

To Learn more about our coaches:

Jupiter, FL

Joe Grushkin

Jupiter, FL

Jupiter FL
  • Entrepreneur since 1983
  • Coaching Experience since 2001
Areas of Expertise:
  • B2B & Consumer Product Sales Training
  • Sales Management & Development
  • Internet & Social Media Management
  • Law of Attraction / Mindset Coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Skill Development
  • Keynote / Public Speaking
  • Networking

Miami, FL

Carroll Williams

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

The Victory Coach challenges individuals, businesses, athletic programs, and families to take control of their lives. Together, we will determine what you want most in life and make those dreams a reality!

Areas of Expertise:

  • Learn to use structured exercises to dive into your past to identify and eliminate the negative processes and behaviors that have been preventing you from attaining success.
  • Eliminate worry and anxiety by developing the focus and discipline you need to set clear, attainable goals.
  • Develop your personal positive energy and learn to identify compatible energy within others that will lead you to better communication within any relationship.

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