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Regardless of what you are doing to promote your business today, getting more customers and clients is more important now, than ever before. The NAOLB Local Business Advertising Co-op provides local businesses the ability to offer their products and services to a targeted local consumer base, in partnership with the National Association of Local Businesses (www.NAOLB.com) & MaxExposure Social Media.

The Local Business Co-Op Advertising Program, targets local consumers, via highly targeted, high frequency social media compelling ads driving over 50,000 impressions in a small geographic area (a specific town or zip code). You don’t have to be a local firm (to that town) to participate, only have a desire to increase your exposure to clients who “live” in that community. The co-op advertising campaign will be targeting exclusively Local Residents, over 21 years old and use social media (which is over 98% of consumers), and exposing them to your business with limited or no competition (if desired) on our platform.

The concept it simple, we only allow vetted, established companies to join our Co-Op advertising platform (an application is required), to ensure the quality of the services we promote. These selected businesses will benefit from highly targeted advertising promoting their products and services to a specific community. Like Costco, which has 1000s of products available, they attract people to their stores, and the vendors benefit from the exposure. The massive advertising we provide through social media, using sophisticated demographics and algorithms to identify qualified consumers will generate approximately 50,000 HIGH QUALITY interested local consumer impressions each month, however we anticipate the viewership to be in excess of 300,000 views in each town we target, as the number of local advertiser grows in the co-op, essentially ensuring that each viewer will see the advertising multiple times.

In addition to the Co-op Advertising, we provide each advertiser the following benefits:

  • Individual targeted advertising, linked to the Advertisers Website or Ad Page, with impressions ranging from approx. 10,000 to 40,000 each month, depending on which package they choose.
  • Retargeting consumers that go to the Advertisers website with additional advertising as they “surf the net” or spend time on social media.
  • Email Capture and distribution of local consumer email addresses, entered into the drawing for future use through email marketing, as desired.
  • Animated White Board “Explainer Video” for advertising content and website use, optional.
  • No Contracts
  • Cancel any time
  • Low monthly fees
  • Premium Listing (to stand out) available
  • Categories limited to up to 3 listings
  • FREE Membership in NAOLB with Discounts on up to 100 products and services available to local business

For more information, rates, schedule a meeting to get more details or to apply for consideration please use the link below. 

Space in each business category is limited to only 3 businesses / town, or only 1 Exclusive listing available (only available to the first to enroll in each category.

We look forward to increasing your exposure and as always, we appreciate YOUR business!

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Local Residential consumers will have access and “FREE” membership in the NAOLB as a consumer. Advertisers can offer discounts, special services and other incentives to connect with new or repeat consumers. Incentives can be connected to the Advertisers listing with downloadable coupons, text messenger links, call now options or schedule an appointment or reservation links to engage the consumers.

In addition, the consumers will also have an opportunity to register for a $1000 shopping spree, to be spent with any of our advertisers. The winner will have an account with NAOLB and will be reimbursed up to $100 per purchase, so that at least 10 advertisers see the benefit of that promotion. The winner has 6 months to use the prize money.


The local businesses receive the following:

  • Individual Advertisements offering approximately 10,000 to 40,000 local consumer impressions per month (based on package selected)
  • Co-op Advertisement with approximately 50,000 to 300,000 impressions per month
  • Co-op Promotional Page with multiple call to action links using call, email, book appointment or reservation etc.
  • Coupons, Discounts or Special Offers – optional
  • Images can be added to Promotional Page (up to 20)
  • FREE Video Interview as an NAOLB Premier Local Business – or any video can be added if provided (based on package selected)
  • Metrics and Tracking Reports with sophisticated analytics and defined demographics in a hyper-local market, attracting and engaging qualified consumers and clients for our advertisers.


Adding tracking code to your website, will provide the ability to offer your individual adverting multiple times after they visited your site, to consumers, as they surf the web or social media.

Email Marketing List Building

Each local consumer will enter their email to enroll in the shopping spree, the emails will be distributed to the active advertisers in the co-op after each drawing for future use with email marketing

Explainer Video

NAOLB offers Advertisers a special White Board Explainer video to add to their promotional page, website or to use as an individual ad, to get more information or an example go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kNpIIxTcO0

Advertising Co-op PLUS Social Media Management Program:

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  • Pre-Launch Pricing is available to the first 5 advertisers into the co-op only.
  • First Payment is set up and ad development fee
  • Next payment charged on 1stof each month (ongoing)
  • All Payment via major credit card on recurring payment schedule
  • Month to Month – No Contract / Cancel any time
  • 6 & 12-month terms, with discounts, available
  • Ads will run for 30 days if cancelled regardless of start date

If you have any questions, please contact the person that sent you the information,




contact our home office at 203.247.2008 to connect with your Local Area Sales Rep or Ambassador.

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