Local Business Advertising Co-op

Regardless of what you are doing to promote your business today, getting more customers and clients is more important now, than ever before. The Local Business Advertising Co-op provides local businesses the ability to offer their products and services to a targeted local consumer base, in partnership with the National Association of Local Businesses (www.NAOLB.com) & MaxExposure Social Media.

The Local Business Co-Op Advertising Program, targets local consumers, via highly targeted, high frequency social media compelling ads driving over 50,000 impressions in a small geographic area (a specific town or zip code). You don’t have to be a local firm (to that town) to participate, only have a desire to increase your exposure to clients who “live” in that community. The co-op advertising campaign will be targeting exclusively Local Residents, over 21 years old and use social media (which is over 98% of consumers), and exposing them to your business with limited or no competition (if desired) on our platform.

The concept it simple, we only allow vetted, established companies to join our Co-Op advertising platform (an application is required), to ensure the quality of the services we promote. These selected businesses will benefit from highly targeted advertising promoting their products and services to a specific community. Like Costco, which has 1000s of products available, they attract people to their stores, and the vendors benefit form the exposure. The massive advertising we provide through social media, using sophisticated demographics and algorithms to identify qualified consumers will generate a minimum of 50,000 HIGH QUALITY interested local consumer views each month, however we anticipate the viewership to be in excess of 300,000 views in each town we target, essentially ensuring that each viewer will see the advertising multiple times.

  • No Contracts
  • Cancel any time
  • Low monthly fees
  • Premium Listing (to stand out) available
  • Categories limited to up to 3 listings
  • FREE Membership in NAOLB with Discounts on up to 100 products and services available to local business

For more information, rates and contact information to schedule a call to get more details please use the link below to apply for consideration. Space in each business category is limited to only 3 businesses / town, with 1 premium listing or an exclusive listing available (only available to the first to enroll in each category.

We look forward to increasing your exposure and as always, we appreciate YOUR business!


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Local Residential consumers will have access and “FREE” membership in the NAOLB as a consumer. Advertisers can offer discounts, special services and other incentives to connect with new or repeat consumers. Incentives can be connected to the Advertisers listing with downloadable coupons, text messenger links, call now options or schedule an appointment or reservation links to engage the consumers.

In addition, the consumers will also have an opportunity to register for a $1000 shopping spree, to be spent with any of our advertisers. The winner will have an account with NAOLB and will be reimbursed up to $100 per purchase, so that at least 10 advertisers see the benefit of that promotion. The winner has 6 months to use the prize money.


The local businesses receive the following:

The NAOLB Co-op Advertising program, vets and accepts highly qualified Service Providers to each town. The advertising we provide is designed to generate 50,000 to over 300,000 impressions (to local residential consumers / viewers) through targeted advertising, sophisticated analytics and defined demographics in a hyper-local market, attracting and engaging qualified consumers and clients for our advertisers.

Plus…NAOLB provides each Premier Advertiser a Promotional Video Interview to play on social media, email, website and the listing on our site, to establishing credibility as an NAOLB “featured local business”, or Advertisers can provider their own videos to be added to their listing.

In addition to offering discount Coupons, special services or incentives with click to call button or a booking link to make reservations or schedule appointments on your calendar… all included with your listing

We added a powerful “BONUS” into the Premier & Exclusive Package… EXCLUSIVE ADVERTISING to both packages…!!!

Any Premier Ad Listings will include Individual Ads in the targeted townwith a projected direct 2000 impressionsspecifically toward their business. This is in addition to the 50,000 Co-op ads they will be part of.

Any Exclusive Listing will include Individual Ads in that targeted town with a projected direct 5000 impressions, specifically toward their business, in addition to the 50,000 Co-op ads they will be part of.

Individual Ads can be change monthly, highlighting your website, social media, “like us”, product or service specials or anything you want… you can provide the images or we can assist with stock images. All Advertising will be tracked for impressions, clicks, click thoughts and multiple areas of verifiable data.

We can cover your Social Media and Online Presence too…

There are additional benefits by engaging with NAOLB, by using our Professional Social Media Management Program, to enhance your online image and reputation, the package includes:

  • Individual Local Advertising Campaign – specific ads to your business, changed each month
  • Posting Industry Specific & Unique Content to Facebook 2x per week*
  • An internal app to upload unique content to our team for multiple / cross platform posting
  • Monitoring of comments, mentions, and questions by live USA based staff
  • Review Management & Monitoring – on all major review sites, by USA based staff
  • Review Responses – to both positive or negative reviews, on all major review sites
  • Software to request, garner and increase reviews from customers and clients
  • Increasing exposure and information listings, on 75+ directories sites, to increase organic search
  • Customer Service, from USA based staff, by phone, email, text or video chat – M-F 9-5pm EST
  • Monthly Analytics and Reports to track progress
  • Quarterly Analysis & Review of your account, with NAOLB analyst to review stats and performance
  • *Additional Platform Posting 2x/week available @ $20/month/platform – $100 setup fee/site may apply

Bonus! with any Social Media Management program each business would receive: FREE Computer Tech Support Insurance – 24/7/365 unlimited call in support for one individual (up to 3 devices)

Advertising Co-op PLUS Social Media Management Program:

Click here for Pricing Guide

Premier Advertiser with Social Media Management Package ($1500 value) only $1000/mo.   Exclusivity Listing: Only $2000/mo. (one per specific business category / per town)

Advertising Campaign with Social Media Management Package ($900 value) only $750/mo.(up to 3 listing specific business categories / per town)

Advertising Co-op only / Additional town advertising add-on:

Premier Advertiser Co-op only (normally $900 value) only $600/mo. Pre-launch pricing.

Exclusivity Listing (normally $1800: Only  $1200/mo. Pre-Launch Pricing. (one per specific business category / per town)

Co-op Advertising only or Additional Town Advertising Campaign ($500 value) only $350/mo. (up to 3 listing specific business categories / per town)


  • First Payment is set up and ad development fee
  • Next payment charged on 1st of each month, ongoing
  • No Contract
  • Cancel any time
  • Ad will run for 30 days if cancelled regardless of start date

If you have any questions, please contact me directly or feel free to schedule a virtual meeting via video chat using this link www.MeetJoeG.com to review the details and secure your position in your community.

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