The National Association of Local Businesses (NAOLB), founded in 2011, has developed and evolved into the premier Association providing local business owners access to over 100 top quality products and services, all at discounted pricing, normally reserved for much larger companies.

The results are consistent across all industries; local business owners find they can increase Profits, maximize Productivity, and enhance their Promotion to more local consumers, with products and services most local business owners didn’t know were available, at prices they could afford.

Coaches & Consultants or anyone working with local businesses can become an NAOLB Promotional Partner

Benefits to Business Coaches and Consultants

2020 has created some challenges for all businesses, however, Business Coaches & Consultants were high on that list of industries hit hard financially. Companies of all sizes were shut down for months (many permanently) and the first expense to be “cut” was coaching, consulting and personal development programs.

NAOLB is now partnering exclusively with Business Coaches, Consultants and Trainers to assist them to:

  • INCREASE the VALUE of their business for resale
  • Protect against future down turns in the economy
  • Bring more clients to their coaching business
  • Open new opportunities without additional time or effort

We do the “selling” for you!

Simple and EASY!!!

Step 1

You identify the client's need

Step 2

Connect them with our team

Step 3

We do the rest!

Step 4

You get paid residual income!

Product Presentations conducted by NAOLB staff or Trusted Providers / Sales Support

  • No need to learn 100s of product details – we have experts for that!
  • No selling or closing – all done by Trained / Qualified Staff or Service Providers
  • Share “gateway services” which are Low Cost – Low Risk – High Benefit services
  • Entry Level products lead to future coaching programs (upsell on relationship)

NAOLB Staff follow up with clients to determine any additional needs

  • Engage for Future Services
  • Billing through Coach
  • Accurate Reports and CRM for communication with Clients.



Let’s face it! When you are hired as a coach, you are an “hourly employee”, usually well paid, but essentially, if you aren’t in front of the client or contracted to be in front of the client (e.g. scheduled conferences, speaking engagements, group forums, newsletter writing, etc.), you aren’t generating an income.

  • As a Coach, you sell your time to deliver your expertise
  • Being an “hourly employee”, the client controls your income
  • Coaches lack “time freedom”
  • Countless hours are spent servicing clients (behind the scenes) (diminishing the hourly face-to-face fees)

We make money when our clients use our services over a long period of time, and that is called RESIDUAL INCOME.

RESIDUAL INCOME gives any Business Peace of Mind!

As a Promotional Partner with NAOLB, a Business Coach or Consultant has access to over 100 top quality products and services, all at discounted pricing normally reserved for much larger companies.

  • Make Money while you sleep
  • Residual Income provides confidence and time freedom

In addition, many times Clients disclose needs that a coach does not offer, and then the Coach spend their personal time or efforts identifying, vetting, and building relationships with third party vendors, who normally do not compensate you for the life of the business you referred to them or reciprocate with referrals at any level of equality.

We get it, we have been there too… RESIDUAL INCOME changes all of that!

Have total confidence in the Top-Quality Services we offer.

Coaches can offer these products and services to their clients, without hesitation or concern for the quality of the service providers we represent. Our reputation is based on our success and ensures that reputation is maintained by working with dedicated, top quality providers who have a customer first focus and products that benefit our members. 

As that relationship goes on for years, the Coach who introduces that client, will be paid on services rendered for the LIFE of the relationship.

  • Offering additional “much needed” services will increase retention
  • Clients will grow to depend on your coaching for more than business advice
  • Increase referrals from clients who share your connection as a provider of great / discounted services vs. only as “their business coach”.

But … I don’t have time for another business!

You are correct, right now you probably do not have time for another business, or any additional activities. You are fully immersed on your business, serving clients and finding new prospects. However …

  • what if your current or past clients could generate ADDITIONAL income for you?
  • what if every prospect you encountered offered you additional income opportunities, that YOU DON’T HAVE TO SERVICE or MAINTAIN?
  • What if you could simply add additional income and VALUE to your business doing what you do every day, not adding another minute to your business efforts?


Ed Katz
Ed Katz
Managing Principal
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As an award-winning Public Relations & Advertising agency, Katnip Marketing has worked with many outsourced providers. The services provided by the National Association of Local Businesses (NAOLB) are among the best. Their USA-based team is responsive and professional, taking care of our clients at the highest levels of customer service, which allows me more time to manage and grow my business. I highly recommend their website design & social media management services for any local business looking for cost-effective solutions. Ed Katz Katnip Marketing, LLC

The Promotional Partner & Reseller Benefits:

As a promotional partner or “reseller”, purchasing the products or services from NAOLB, billing the client directly with any mark-up you desired. The Promotional Partner is in total control of the final pricing, profit and or any discounts (above the cost) they choose to provide the client. (see examples of pricing below)

Overall Benefits

Increased Value Proposition in your Relationships

Residual / Passive Income

Client “Stickiness” – creating long term relationships

Creating Income from “Non Coaching” Clients (don’t leave money on the table)

Upsell to Coaching Programs in the Future

Benefit #1:

Residual & Passive Income

Promotional Partners receive discounted Pricing, and can resell all NAOLB products and services, adding 100% of the profits to the value of their business.

All Client billing is done by the promotional partner.

NAOLB invoices for services the week following the Client’s engagement and payment to the partner. 

This results in long term RESIDUAL INCOME for the life of the client.

Want ANOTHER Source of Passive Income?

Introduce another coach to NAOLB

By introducing another coach or consultant to NAOLB, we will pay you 5% of their purchases*, for the LIFE of their clients. No effort on your part, after the introduction.


Introduce 20 Coaches with $100 in purchases per month from clients each = $7800 additional income year one

and over $20,000 in year 2.

Benefit #2:

Accredited Membership in The National Association of Local Businesses


  • Increasing Credibility
  • Establishing Authority
  • Enhancing Clout over the competition
  • Listing on NAOLB Coaching Service Page for National Exposure

Use of NAOLB Accredited Member Logo on your:

  • Personal Coaching / Business Website
  • Email Signature
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Marketing Materials
  • Business Card
  • Banners and Signs for events

Benefit #3:

Personally Branded Landing Page and Lead Capture Form

Increase Client Awareness & Acquisition

  • Increasing organic SEO
  • Providing Information about your Coaching/Consulting Practice; including:
      • your background
      • expertise
      • client profile
      • services offered
  • Optional: discount coupon or special offer
  • Form automatically enters lead information into CRM
  • Automated Email Campaigns (drip)
  • Links to website and social media

Benefit #4:

Listing on NAOLB Product/Services Page on Business Coaching Directory

Benefit #5:

CRM for lead management and pre-written email marketing campaigns

HubSpot CRM (the industry leader) for lead management

  • Pre-written or customized email marketing (drip) campaigns
  • Mobile App with card scanning functionality
  • Administrative Support and Training as needed

Benefit #6:

Promotional Video Interview by NAOLB for marketing purposes (5-7 minutes)

  • Interview Conducted by Founder of NAOLB
  • Highlighting Coach/ Consultant’s background, Specialty, and Desired Client
  • Can be used on Website, Email Marketing, Networking, Social Media, and Prospect follow up materials
  • Enhanced credibility and local authority in your community and beyond
  • See examples on
  • Invitation to be a featured speaker  

Benefit #7:

Access and Membership in the Coaching Alliance Mastermind Group (optional)

(monthly virtual meetings) 

  • Facilitated thought provoking discussions
  • Educational Speakers
  • Best practices
  • Idea Incubation
  • Marketing and Promotional tools (how to workshops)
  • Networking / Referrals Nationally
  • Client Acquisition Tip and Techniques

Benefit #8:

NAOLB Products and Services can be used as “incentive or promotions” or personal use, at cost

  • Increase coaching & consulting value by adding additional products and services to your packages and programs.
  • Promotional Partners can use any of the NAOLB products and services as incentives, promotions or “bundling” with their coaching or consulting programs.
  • High value product and services will be an incentive to retain your coaching services.

Coaches and Consultants can also use NAOLB products and services to increase their own profitability, productivity, and promotion, by using the services at their discounted rates. Maybe a new (updated) Website, social media management, Accounting and bookkeeping, zero fee credit card processing or tech support? Whatever a coach or consultant needs for their business, we have it available, all at discounted pricing.

Example: adding to a coaching program: FREE websites, FREE tech support, or a FREE whiteboard explainer video and building in the partnership discounted fees into your rates could make the coaching you provide have greater value, add longevity to the relationship, and offer even more benefit to your clients. (if coaching is discontinued and the client is on a monthly service or program, they would be billed for the program by you directly, keeping your relationship for future coaching as needed.


Benefit #9:

Video Interview Press Release (additional Fee of $259) (value = $299)

  • 3-5 minute video interview by professional journalists
  • Professionally written press release produced for you
  • Submission to over 400 online news outlets
  • Perpetual use of “As seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News” logo on all marketing materials
  • Increase Exposure
  • Increase Authority
  • Increase Credibility

Benefit #10:

Increase the Value of YOUR Business - for resale or retirement

Being a Promotional Partner can add substantial VALUE to your business and increases the “asset” for resale, for any business coach or consultant.

We know Business Coaches, Consultants and Sales Trainers, who have spent 30 years building their reputation, developing their skills and establishing a strong client base; and are ready to retire, only to find that their business has no “value” for resale, because “they” (as an individual) are perceived as the VALUE in the client’s eyes. By incorporating products and services that offer RESIDUAL INCOME, the value of the business is enhanced, offering more than just personal coaching or consulting, but programs that become part of the client’s DNA and continue to pay you for life, or add to the asset value of your business.

Sample Products and Pricing

Promotional Parter Pricing

Full Product Line

Promotional Partner Income Projections

Based on over 10 years of experience, working with residual income products and services, and understanding business owner’s needs, we present the following information for projection purposes only, result may vary. You will find how this income progression can increase the value of your business exponentially over many years.

  • Average* one (1) sale per week generating $100 profit = Year 1: $31,200
  • With a conservative attrition into year 2 = $12,000 (residual) + $31,200 (new business) = $43,200

(*Average 1 sale for $100 can also be calculated as 2 sales for $50 or 4 sales for $25)

Conflicts with Generating Additional Income / Franchise Contract? No problem!’

If your franchise or philosophic view is to only earn income from “coaching / consulting”. NAOLB profits can be accumulated and “donated” to the local charity of your choice, providing your business with a tax deduction and the promotional reputation of giving back to the community you serve. Many non-profit organizations can benefit from services provided by NAOLB, which provides your coaching practice with additional income or ability to donate more.

Promotional Partner “Training” on NAOLB products and services Fast and Easy – online - less than 2 hours

“Training” consists of a few hours online, learning what products and services are available, CRM data entry, some procedural processes (e.g. launching email campaigns) and getting familiar with the overall introduction verbiage.

NAOLB staff is available for promotional webinars and workshops, client meetings or group sessions via zoom, by appointment, to present products and services and close sales.

Ongoing Product Training and Support

Through email, webinars and one-on-one conversations, Coaches and Consultants are provided with product training, support, and information as needed. New Products and Services are added often and will be available on our product page online.

Annual Value of Membership

When considering any investment, one must determine the benefits and value, and weight them against the actual outlay of cash.

Benefit Annual Value of Membership
Promotional Partner Profits from client’s purchases (conservative estimate)
$ 10,000 to Unlimited
Residual Income that grows year over year
Value Limitless
Product Presentations NAOLB staff or Trusted Providers Support on call
$ 6000
NAOLB will follow up with clients to determine any additional needs
$ 6,000
Accredited Membership in The National Association of Local Businesses
$ 500
Personally Branded Landing Page and Lead Capture Form
$ 500
CRM for lead management and pre-written email marketing campaigns
$ 600
Promotional Video Interview by NAOLB, for marketing purposes (5-7 minutes)
$ 500

We Post your Promotional Video Interview on

$ 500

Opportunities / Invitation to be an “Featured Speaker” on

$ 500
Access and Membership in the Coaching Alliance Mastermind Group (optional)$
$ 1,200
Listing on NAOLB Product/Services Page on Business Coaching Directory
$ 1,000
Value of Membership

Total $ 27,800

Annual Membership Fee 

*100% Risk Free - Money Back Guarantee*

Only $ 999 / year

Special 2021 Promotional Price - Limited Time Offer

*100% Risk Free - Money Back Guarantee*

Only $500 / year

Money Back
Guarantee Details

Promotional Partner

Join as an Association Member

To apply for consideration to become a Promotional Partner

For more information Contact:

Joe Grushkin, CEO & Founder


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About the Company / History:

Joe Grushkin, CEO & Founder. You can find him online From the year 2000 to 2010, he was an accomplished business coach, speaker, trainer and internet marketer. His standard fees would average $500 per hour. With 10 to 15 clients at any time; he has said, “the money, for the “hours worked”, was fantastic” … however, the reality was… he was frustrated by the constant client attrition and replacement process…

When a client became more confident and successful, because of Joe’s coaching programs, or they completed a program series, they would naturally move on and he was then in the constant position of bringing on new clients to replace that income. He love the work, but was frustrated by the “grind”… going to networking meetings, business after hours, trade shows, chamber events, seeing the same people over and over.

Now in 2020, coaches are “zooming” from one online meeting to another. The constant challenge and balancing act of serving clients and prospecting is not only 2 full-time jobs and very time consuming, but can also be somewhat stressful. While the money can be great, the stress of needing to constantly be replacing those clients that moved on, turns something that coaches love, into a grind and it does not provide the time freedom many coaches are looking to achieve. The missing component is “RESIDUAL” income. Maybe you can relate to this? We know we have the solution!