Residential Electricity

Did you know you have a choice who you buy your Electricity from? What if you could save money, by simply switching to a lower cost Energy Provider?

Now you can! To get a FREE Energy Audit, simply complete the form below, and upload a copy of your recent electric bill, and one of our energy experts will send you a quote and an estimate of your annual savings.

Exclusive to Residents of

  • Starion Energy is a competitive supplier of electricity & natural gas, offering solutions to residential and business customers in Energy Choice states
  • Plans that fit your energy needs
  • Reliable customer service with consistent, competitive products & rates
  • A high quality customer experience

Freedom of Choice

A free and open retail energy market gives consumers choice and flexibility for their electricity & natural gas needs

Better Customer Service

Customer Service differentiates companies with similar products. Suppliers competing for your business will work harder to provide you with the level of service you desire.

Renewable Energy

Retail energy suppliers can make renewable energy products more accessible for retail customers


Energy choice allows consumers to choose a supplier with the price, products, service & customer support that fits their needs.

Customer Incentives

Choose an energy supplier with programs that offer rewards and discounts on products and services

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