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Lori Marocco
Northeast Tree Service
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Aly, I just have to say, whatever you’re doing is WORKING! Its only been a couple weeks, but I’ve been getting more calls and when I ask them how they found us, they say from google! Our facebook page has also grown and is seeing more traffic since we started! I am so excited to see the progress continue!
Sherrie Wells
Hugs for Brady Foundation
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We are a foundation that is working towards ending Childhood Cancer which doesn’t leave a lot of time to manage our social sites. I find it incredibly helpful when I receive notices from MaxExposure letting me know of an inquiry. I also enjoy the mix of children related content on our page, to break up the foundation / childhood cancer information. As a longtime client, I have and will continue to enjoy the benefits of having a professionally managed social media presence! Thank you to Aly and the whole MaxExpo team, we absolutely love the service!
Tony Aitoro
Aitoro Appliance
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When Joe Grushkin did a Social Media Analysis® on my Appliance Store, and showed me my ‘effectiveness score’, I was shocked at how inefficient we were. When MaxExposure took over management of our social media accounts, our Social Media presence has increased our exposure, our reviews are more positive and consistently monitored. We absolutely love the services they provide and what MaxExposure Social Media is doing for our business. This is the best money any small business can spend to get exposure and the best value for this type of service.
Matt Beatty
Beatty Home Inspection
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I love what you guys are doing, I beat myself up because I know I should be sending in content, but I am so busy, and am so grateful to know you guys are handling this for me. I know there isn’t a true ROI with Social Media, but It really hit me when I was at a wedding a while back, that this thing really works! I started talking to this woman, who turned out to be a realtor, so I offered her a card and mentioned I was a home inspector, when she saw my card, she recognized my name and said ‘You’re Matt Beatty, I saw your ad on Facebook and followed your page, you post such great articles!’ From that connection, i’ve gotten several jobs and that makes it all worth it!
Charlie Skatis
Nashua Wallpaper
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We have been a customer of MaxExposure since mid 2016, starting as a social media customer, we had them managing our social media and reputation online for our 4 stores. In early 2018, they announced they were now offering website design, and knowing the caliber of Aly & her customer service team, we knew we wanted to take advantage of that! Our previous website was functional, but overwhelming and hard to navigate, and brining in dud leads! Aly came in, sat down with us and came up with a streamlined design that is now bringing in several leads a WEEK, which we are closing nearly 100% of! We knew websites should be a lead generator, and we don’t know how she did it, but its working very well and we couldn’t be happier!
Kevin Slover
Universal Factory Direct
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I think their services are amazing. I knew about social media and how important it was, but at the time my business was doing great and didn’t think I needed it and “sort of” did it myself... however, my competition was beating us online and I realized my way of doing it was “half assed”, inconsistent and all wrong. I thought why should I spend the money, when I can do it myself? MaxExposure came in and took it all off our plate and did it right, posting content, responding to reviews and keeping us looking good all the time. In retrospect, I don’t do my own taxes either... both are important to my business, and I needed to get it right, I am glad I came to my senses. The small investment is well worth it and I don’t have to think about it ever again, week in and week out it’s being done 1000% right and our competition is in the rear view mirror trying to catch up. Thanks MaxExposure, we love your services!
Howell Mayer
Parties for Peanuts
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I have worked with Max Exposure for several years, and they have done a great job of posting on my Facebook page, keeping my customers interested with articles relevant to families, children and parties. They are the best at social media and SEO. I highly recommend them.
Beth Morton
Morton's Fine Catering
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Hi Aly- Just a random email to say that I have been very happy with some of the new content on our FB posts—more party planning, wedding planning, etc. These topics are relevant to my businesses and have been well received by customers.

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