NAOLB Internship Program

The National Association of Local Businesses, offers the Premier College Internship, offering a fun, flexible and “actually beneficial” experience for college students, focused on a career in Marketing, Management, Business and Entrepreneurship … of course, ALL MAJORS may apply, and can benefit from the interpersonal, business, communication skills along with the personal development, mentorship and experience of engaging with actual business owners on a daily basis.

While most internships will provide students with “observational experience”, administrative activities or low-end work (like telemarketing or mailing), The National Association of Local Businesses (NAOLB) provides extensive training, guidance and processes and allows our interns to interact with actual business owners as prospects and customers. Initial Training is completed in about 2 hours, online via Zoom, with online back office and live support. Training is continuous for our interns, with weekly meeting, daily conversation and Company meetings to enhance the experience.

Whether an intern earns $1000 or $20,000 over the course of the school year, the RESUME’ experience will jump off the page, when starting a career, upon graduation. While most students get a “job” and attempt to pass it off as “experience” (e.g. Waitresses don’t really “sell” menu items and administration work where one is assigned projects doesn’t really show any real initiative in business.)

The intern that can demonstrate that they can engage and interact with business owners, professionally present themselves or communicate concepts and ideas, attend professional trainings, has documented skills and the confidence that comes from this experience, always has the attention of recruiters and is sought after by every company. Interns with this level of experience have a fast track to getting the career positions they want in the future, in ANY Industry!!!

  • Time Management
  • Personal Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Networking Skills
  • CRM (Hubspot Software) System interface experience
  • Attending local business meetings / networking
  • Connections with Chamber of Commerce
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Competitive Attitude
  • Positive Recognition
  • Vision and Expectation Management
  • Ground Floor Opportunity
  • Advancement Potential – for top performers

Unlike many internships, we don’t compensate interns on an “hourly” basis, if they can get all their work done in minimal time… GREAT! We compensate our interns on “PRODUCTIVITY” and performance free of politics and favoritism.

Compensation is paid for as long as the intern is enrolled in college. You read that correctly… we pay RESIDUAL income to our interns, while they are enrolled in school, based on all the revenue generated from the customers they enrolled in NAOLB.  Membership for the business owners is FREE… when they purchase a product or service, at any time, our interns receive a commission on that sale, for as long as the customer is using the services, and the intern is enrolled in college. If the intern graduates and becomes a full-time employee with NAOLB, their residual income will continue for as long as they are with the company.

This is an internship (while on break or part time while in school) that can be accredited by any college, depending on the requirements of the institution. The compensation program continues to pay the intern, via direct deposit, when classes resume, or summer after summer. Full or Part-time, either way… the RESIDUAL income far outweighs the effort during the summer or break periods.

We encourage interns to have an additional “part time” job, during the summer, “after 4 pm”, to provide them with some summer “pocket cash” (waitressing, uber, pizza delivery, etc.), while gaining the experience that comes from working with NAOLB. As the intern enrolls more FREE members into the Association, the customers will generate income that will be paid going forward. For most students, we know the EXPERIENCE will ALWAYS have greater “value” than the income.

To Apply, go to and complete the application online. If qualified, you will be scheduled for a Zoom Interview, with the local manager and if accepted, scheduled for the next training (usually within a week). Be sure to mention the person that referred you for expedited processing.

Base Pay / Minimum profit is calculated based on the following:

  • Compensation is based on total income over the “trailing” 12 months.
  • After the completion of the ten (10) Qualified Presentations, all sales generated (including those that close up to

30 days following the 10th Qualified Presentation is completed) will be accounted for and calculated based on the 12 trailing months.

  • If the total commissions earned, projected over the 12 trailing months, is greater than amount per

Presentation on the minimum profit program , the Intern will keep the commissions earned and receive all subsequent residual commissions for the life of the clients they enrolled for as long as they are in college, including the summer after graduation.

  • If the total commissions earned from 10 Qualified Presentations completed are “less than” the minimum profit

program amount, Company will pay the difference (or shortfall amount) to equal the base pay per qualified presentation, to be paid out over the 12 trailing months.

  • e.g. if after 10 Qualified Presentations, the Intern earns $50 in commissions per month, the total commissions would be $600, or $60 per presentation.
  • e.g. if after 10 Qualified Presentations, the Intern earn $10 in commission per month, or $120 in total income, the company would calculate the “short fall” and add that amount to the monthly payments, for the next 12 months, to equal the minimum profit per presentation for that position level.


Our interns are assigned a “local market” (town or area near their home) to simply “introduce” NAOLB to the local business owners, in that community, offering them a FREE membership in the Association and then sending them an introductory email through or CRM (customer relationship management) System. That said, our interns can connect with any business owner, anywhere in the USA. With over 30 million businesses (of which 25 million have under 10 employees – e.g. small local businesses) there are thousands of local business that didn’t know that NAOLB offers over 100 top quality products and services at discounted pricing. Ultimately our interns become the “face of the business” in that community assisting local businesses to “Survive & Thrive”.

Once a business engages, all the product information and specific selling is done by the management team and our product specialists… of course, the intern will be present to learn even more on how a professional sales process happens and to support their clients through the process.


More Details

  • Real Business to Business Resume’ Experience
  • Residual Income while in College
  • Flexible Hours – no nights, weekends, or holidays
  • Full / Part Time Available (minimum 20 hours per week / 9-5pm M-F)
  • Interns can have another job, that allows for a minimum of 4-day time business hours available
  • All Majors May Apply
  • B2B introductions – No In-home selling to friends and family
  • Local Travel – if desired
  • Engage via Video chat, Text, Phone or In Person
  • Professional Management / Mentoring
  • Must have use of smart phone and access to the internet (and must be computer savvy)
  • Must have use of personal transportation
  • Must have a positive “can do” attitude
  • Must be a Team Player with a positive competitive spirit

Welcome Message from CEO & Founder
Joe Grushkin