LASR Training

Step 1: Fast Start

The training starts here…

Please complete ALL the Fast Start steps before you start Training


Step 2: LASR Training Guide

Training guide includes email & phone approach templates

Training Guide

Step 3: Resources


Below you will find pricing & commissions 

Pricing & Commissions

Customer Pricing


Customer Pricing

AD Samples

AD Samples


Frequently Asked Questions

Promo Flier

LASR Promotional

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Co-Op White Board Videos

For Businesses

What you will find is:

1) Pre-Launch Pricing – see notes for details  for how long this can be offered.

2) Month to Month Pricing – (aka – Standard Pricing) no contract

3) 6 & 12 month term discounts – note, the commissions actually “increase” as you sell longer term contracts to the advertiser.

4) Discount codes: for additional discounting if needed – these discounts come directly from YOUR commissions – they are optional, only use them when YOU feel they are warranted and can benefit you in some other way or they can be used if you feel the need to offer more than what the pricing offers…

on average, each account is worth over $2000 a year to you!!! there is some SERIOUS MONEY to be made!!!

Side note: Important.

be sure to see the payment structure on > click “rates and terms” for details on initial set up fee and first monthly payment protocol.

Finally, stay focused on ONE co-op at a time… you need 5 to “launch” … but 20+ ads to move on to the next market… follow the training and watch your income explode with residual commissions! 


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