Press Release w. Video Interview

Cost Effective

The National Association of Local Businesses has partnered an innovated online Public Relationship company to assist local businesses with a cost effective way to get seen on over 400 major online news sources; providing your business instant credibility and authority with a Video Press Release for unprecedented exposure. In addition, your business can get recognized by local, state and national media outlets, as an industry leader, though a professionally written and distributed press release that can be sent directly to over 8000 media editors nationally.

Our partner will connect you with a professional journalist that will interview you about your business, on video, and distribute it to over 400 media outlets throughout the country. This will give you & your business the immediate ability to say “as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX and other major news outlet sources. For a small additional fee (only $99), our partner will professionally write a press release to accompany the video interview for even more impact and exposure.

What you will receive:

Local Area Distribution

Getting Noticed

By attaching this logo / image to your email, website, social media and more, the benefits are tremendous and will attract you local, regional and national media sources to seek you for comments on industry news or activities, adding increased credibility with your clients and giving your business a “leg up” on your competition in your local market.

Pricing Chart

Over 400 Outlets

$299 $279 total ($278 + $1.00*)
$20 savings as a NAOLB Member

Local (Click for List)

$499 $479 total ($478 + $1.00*)
$20 savings as a NAOLB Member

State Wide**

$799 $769 total ($768 + $1.00*)
$30 savings as a NAOLB Member


$1199 $1159 total ($1158 + $1.00*))
$40 savings as a NAOLB Member

2 Day Rush Service

$150 $140 total ($139 + $1.00*)
$10 savings as a NAOLB Member

A professionally written press release for additional distribution and company use


* Processing fee when completing the ordering –

*Note: when registering your information on our Partner’s site, you will be entering a “Discount Code” which will reduce your Retail Price to $1.00

The Discount code will come to an email provided after your purchase online.

** Areas for local distribution (linked above)

if local is not available State pricing would apply

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You will receive

  • An interview with a  professional journalist via video which can be used on your social media, website and email marketing or as a promotion for your business at any time in the future.

See example: click here

  • A professionally written press release for additional distribution in the future
  • A report showing all the media outlets that have published your Press Release nationwide (over 400)

Example link: click here

  • Authority to use the “as seen on” logo
  • Increase Local and National Authority and industry credibility

Upgraded Packages will receive direct distribution to Cable, TV, Radio, Print and other news media Editors, based on package selected