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From: $210.00 / month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

No one likes dealing with reviews. Let us take it off your plate.
We answer all reviews, both positive and negative, on behalf of your business. We monitor and respond to reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, TripAdvisor, and YellowPages.Your customers are looking you up online and comparing your reviews to your competitors. Don’t let potentially thousands of people see a negative review with no response from your business. You have a voice! Don’t let positive reviews slip through the cracks. You have the ability to ask for referrals and increase customer loyalty.You have an opportunity like never before to communicate with existing customers and reach out to new customers. Make sure you are doing your part by giving your online reviews the attention they deserve.



  • Often times, when a business owner or manager answers a negative review, they can take it personally. This is understandable, but can often times make the situation worse.
  • Never have to worry about reviews again as our staff will answer them professionally on behalf of your business.
  • Never let a review fall through the cracks.
  • Attract new customers by showing people you care about their experience.



Why is it important for a business to answer reviews?

Often times, in the case of a negative review, the response is just as much for the potentially thousands of people that will look you up online as much as it is for the customer who had the negative experience. Your business has a voice and whether you like it or not, people take reviews very seriously. Make sure your side of the story is being taken into consideration when it comes to negative reviews, and that you are creating that positive customer relationship with positive reviewers.

What is the process of answering negative reviews? We first craft a response to the negative review in question. Then, it is sent to the business owner or manager for approval as well as their input on details we might not know. Once it is approved by the owner or manager, we post the response.

What is the process of answering positive reviews?

We promptly thank the reviewer with the goal that they will help spread the word on behalf of the business.

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