Social Powered WIFI

$99.00 / month and a $100.00 sign-up fee

Zenreach Attract + Engage goes a step further, allowing merchants to create advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google and then directly measure the in-store attribution of these advertisements.  *Includes Engage (All Editions)

Product Details and Editions: 

  • Acquire
  • Retain
  • Build
  • Attract + Engage


  • Invest in Success: Attract allows for creation of highly-targeted social and programmatic advertising campaigns based upon the visit behavior of tens of millions of consumers in the Network. Measure the effectiveness your marketing program utilizing the ability to detect when consumers react to advertising, activate and come in-store.
  • Grow Your CRM: Engage provides a captive portal that runs atop your current WiFi service which offers consumers the ability to utilize the free WiFi by providing their email address. Adds this email address to a cloud-based CRM provided as part of the Engage portal.
  • Profile Enrichment: As your guests join your WiFi, we automatically build a customer list complete with demographics (first name, last name, age, hometown, gender, etc.), first visit date, most recent visit date, # of emails sent, % of emails opened and more.
  • Smart Emails: provides a series of Smart Emails which are triggered based upon consumer visit behavior; these emails include: First-Time visit, Repeat visit, Loyal customer, Lapsed Customer, Birthday, Anniversary and more.
  • Attract, we can optimize your customers’ audiences based on the customers who actually visit them – retailers can improve their return on ad spend by 4x or more. Helps drive real customers into the business, not just clicks on an advertisement!


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